Dr. Rachael Kent
#14 Rachael Kent 2 – The Need to be Productive in Lockdown
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To Be Or Not To Be Productive

We’ve probably all probably heard of the fear of missing out, otherwise known as FOMO. Its the phenomenon when we act irrationally because we feel we will miss out on some benefit. Take for example the toilet roll rush when the lockdown was first announced.

But there is a strange new phenomenon that Dr. Rachael Kent of Kings College London has found. Her latest research on the impact of COVID19 on communication and socialising uncovered a lot. Amongst other things, she found that we developed the “fear of not being productive”. You see, we all want to be productive. But we all love a good excuse. And during lockdown excuses suddenly vanished and we had all the time in the world. At the same time social media showed us our friends doing home workouts. Maybe learning a new language. All that led to us worrying that we aren’t being productive enough!

Be productive

Is It Just Productivity That Lockdown Affected?

In short, No! Our entire lives are no longer the same and have changed in a matter of weeks. Yes we want to be productive, but thats not all that we are after. And one needs to keep in mind that the lockdown comes with all sorts of rules. One of these was the fact that our movement outside our houses was restricted severely. In the UK for example, the government suggested that each person is allowed to go out for a walk once a day. Rachael points out that people took this as a “daily constitutional”. Essentially people thought they have to go out for a walk once a day! In addition, the rise of new communication apps like House Party changed our socialising. Allowing up to 8 people per chat, the app meant people were socialising with strangers face to face. And from intimate places too, like the bedroom!

What Else We Discussed – Essential & Front Line Staff

Of course there’s a lot of discussions regarding the lack of support for front line staff. Doctors and Nurses have inadequate access to PPE and a significant number have died. Rachael shared with us her take on this and what that means for all of us in general. We also touched on future works she will be looking at when it comes to digital detox!

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