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#15 Siân Prime – Creative Industries, Culture and Entrepreneurship in Lock-down
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Creative Industries in Meltdown

Yes we have all been disrupted by the pandemic. Sure, we might not be able to work as usual, but many of us can still work. But what about those whose industries have been shut down! Perhaps a wedding dress seamstress or a set designer. What does lockdown mean for these creative industries? To answer this, we spoke with Sian Prime from Goldsmith University. She has spent her entire career at the intersection of creative and cultural entrepreneurship, education and research.

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Freelancers and Graduates Rocked

In our conversation we explored many of the trials and tribulations facing people in the current climate, especially freelancers.  Sian has spent years researching why talented freelancers don’t “make it”. But what does the picture look like for them now that much of the small jobs they take on have dried up?

But its not just freelancers. New graduates are taking a big hit too in this tumultuous period. Emerge education recently did a study on graduate schemes across the UK. They found 2/3 of graduate offers have been either withdrawn or put on hold indefinitely.

What Else We Discussed – The state of affairs for theatres and the role of Netflix and Amazon Prime!

Sian also shared her thoughts on what the cultural enterprise world is going through. Theatres, all completely shut down, are also facing a very precarious position. Sian discussed the need for intervention and accountability of both the government and major content providers. Amazon Prime and Netflix have made enormous fortunes from the fact that people are forced to seek home entertainment. To that end, she argues for a push towards getting them to support theatres and cultural enterprises.

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