Dr. Sacha Golob
#16 Sacha Golob – The Thinking Behind Stupidity
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Philosophers and Stupidity

Stupidity isn’t the first thought that springs to mind when we are talking about Philosophy. And we’ve been conditioned into thinking stupidity looks like Homer Simpson. But what did the philosophers like Kant think? Dr Sacha Golob is an expert in Kant’s philosophy as well as a number of time periods. He helps us understand how they viewed stupidity. Meaning how we ended up viewing it!

Homer Stupidity

A New Theory

In our in depth discussion, Sacha put forward his take on the subject. He broke down the four types of stupidity – raising the question is anyone not susceptible? Sacha also broke down his idea that stupidity shouldn’t be viewed as a vice. Instead we should approach it how we approach public health!

Trump stupid

What Else We discussed – The Philosophy of Art!

Sacha has a deep interest in the intersection of art and philosophy. As a result, he has been looking at how philosophers attitudes to art has changed. As he suggests, once upon a time it was seen as dangerous by the Ancient Greeks because art “makes anything look cool” – including immorality!

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