Prof. Keith Martin
#19 Keith Martin – Cryptography, 5G & Snowden
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Cryptography in a Connected World

How many times a year do you stop to consider how safe your online activities are? If you’re like the average person, then probably once at best, if ever. Fortunately, many companies that we deal with on a day to day basis have to think about this. You see, cryptography is essential to every business that relies on the connected world one way or another. Banks, social media, phone line providers and many more. But as Dr. Keith Martin of Royal Holloway University’s Cyber Security Centre for Doctoral Training explains, cryptography is much more than this!!


Cryptography is Your Toolbox

Much like a toolbox, cryptography has all sorts of tools that you need to navigate online safety and protection. In addition to keeping passwords and communications safe through encryption, you have other tools. As Keith explained, “sometimes it’s not encryption that you want”. He added “its the ability for the bank to know who are”, which is the tool called authentication”. His pithy explanation on cryptography is one that you don’t want to miss if you’re unfamiliar with cryptography!

What Else We Discussed

Given all the hype surrounding 5G and the conspiracy theories relating to COVID19, Keith kindly cleared things up. We discussed in some 5G and what it means for us on a day to day basis. Of course, the conversation could not be complete without Edward Snowden. The famous whistleblower was the first to uncover how governments around the world have been breaching our privacy.

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