The Greek Plague
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Ancient Greeks purged city-states of disease as they would a human body – and it was the most vulnerable that suffered

By Meghan Henning (University of Dayton) & Candida Moss (University of Birmingham)As seen on The Conversation With the spread of the coronavirus, the world is becoming pointedly aware of the extent to which human beings are interconnected. The rapid spread of the virus has highlighted how much we are dependent upon one another,
Exams research
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Don’t worry about cancelled exams – research shows we should switch to teacher assessment permanently

By Kaili Rimfield (King's College London), Margherita Malanchini (Queen Mary University of London) & Robert Plomin (Kings College London). As seen on The Conversation. The UK government recently cancelled GCSE and A-level exams. Instead, for this year only, teacher assessments will replace exam grades. These teacher assessments will be based on frequent low-stakes