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photo of ash casey

Models-based Practice, Physical Education and Sport Pedagogy

photo of william tierney

What Role Do and Should Universities Play in Democracy?

photo of richard wilkinson

Why Equality is Better for Everyone

photo of lisa sarasohn

Understanding the Social and Cultural Significance of Vermin in Society

photo of chika watanabe

Anthropology, Development and Preparedness

photo of donald barron

Artificial Neural Networks and How They are Being Used in the World of Football

photo of ellen helsper

Digital Inequalities: The Role of Digital Media in the Everyday Life of Disadvantaged Social Groups and Vulnerable Individuals

photograph of dr. james corke-webster

Eusebius: Regime Change and Upscaling Christianity

photo of ross wilson

Museums and Dinosaurs: Understanding the Role of Museums and Heritage Sites as a Mode of Social and Political Reform

photo of Marloes Janson

Anthropology and Religion: ‘Religious Shoppers’ and the emergence of Chrislam in Lagos

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