We are a community of educators, mentors, thinkers and above all people who are passionate about making education equal and fair.


Meet the team who are working hard to democratise education: 

Hussain founded The Know Show and Acaudio after extensive research with over 300 academics and 2000 students around the country. Prior to this, Hussain built an academic writing training software to help young people develop their writing skills. He also successfully ran a high end private tutoring company in London.

Hussain Ayed


Ahmed Ayed joined The Know Show team after spending a couple of years working in the voluntary and charity sectors. Ahmed holds a degree in philosophy. He is passionate about educating and mentoring young people - all the while being full of banter! He is a die hard Messi fan.

Ahmed Ayed


Celie completed a masters in Social Anthropology at the University of Manchester before starting at The Know Show. Her dissertation critically analysed the intertwining of health and citizenship, looking at the unintended consequences of 'doing good'. She focussed on HIV/AIDS, due to the exceptional global health attention it receives. She critiqued the wider system in which this response is situated, having created a reality where HIV/AIDS is understood as a resource for some people. Celie grew up in North Wales, and misses the Welsh mountains which hold a special place in her heart!

Celie Hanson

Operations Manager

Nasir is a very talented video production and motion graphics professional. He has successfully mentored and coached many young people in the media industry through a range of programs. He has been a important part of The Know Show since its inception.

Nasir Segun

Video Production & Animation

Malik is an experienced filmmaker, who transitioned from creating urban music videos and corporate promotion to academic research productions. Malik merges an organic urban voice with a director's touch to translate academic research through streaming services.

Malik Agboola

Filmmaking and Media Strategy


The Know Show works with a group of advisors who provide oversight and make sure we stay on track. Our advisors share our vision and bring much needed expertise in education and related sectors.

Opening the world of research and new media to BAME and underprivileged young people

Prof. Mark Hobart

Social Anthropologist

Prof. Mark Hobart is a member of the SOAS Centre of South East Asian Studies. He is one of the world’s leading experts on Balinese culture and indigenous philosophy. He is also interested in performance, media and audiences, which his current research ties together; critically analysing changes in contemporary mass media in Indonesia, focussing on public life as performance. 

Prof. Brigitte Granville


Prof. Brigitte Granville is a Professor of International Economics and Economic Policy at Queen Mary University of London. Her research focusses on macroeconomics and monetary policy. Most recently, she has published research on the specific causes of the peculiarly French flavour of the general malaise of advanced industrial democracies stemming from the effects of globalisation, technology and mass immigration.

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